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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lapband (my NutriBandedSystem): Introduction to the world!

This is BossLadyGem!
I am a blogger for the topic of Weight loss Surgeries. I am a patient of Dr. Kurian and I would like to use my blog like a Lapband journal for the world. I am not a professional, however, I am living proof that the surgery is working and I can provide my thoughts and experiences on this delicate topic.

I did my surgery on October 22nd of 2009. I had the Lapband procedure done in New York, NY. I weight was an extreme 290 LB at a 5'2 frame, 2 weeks prior to my surgery. The surgery was great, successful and the outcome is excellent so far. Today, February 26 of 201; I have lost 90 pounds so far. My goal weight is 145 LB, but I would like to be 120 LB, since I am so short. I will be discussing my experiences as a LapBand patient, what I eat, what works, what does not work me and more, but first let me introduce you guys the first step for the Bariatric surgery.

I did my surgery with Dr. Marina KurianDr. Marina Kurian at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York City at their NYU Langone Weight Management Program, where she did my lapband. To start you have to call your insurance carrier to know if they cover this type of surgery and to call NYU Langone Medical Center to know if the facility accepts your insurance. Also you need to know your insurance requirements for the Bariatric Surgery and any prerequisites prior to the surgery, which I will talk about it later on, on my future blogs.
You also need to attend to the information sessions that they provide to get additional information in regards of the Bariatric Surgeries that they offer. Some insurance carriers are requiring patients to mandate the potential patient to the Information Session, which is very useful to know what you have to do. This Information Session can provide innovative, comprehensive, and compassionate care for patients undergoing surgery. The information sessions at NYU Medical Center are free of charge! You have nothing to lose but knowledge of the Bariatric Surgery that can save your live and improve your quality of life and living. On the Information session they will explain to you of the following: Payment and Insurance options, where you’ll learn about your options for achieving successful weight-loss, Learn about the pre-surgical requirements, and they offer support system that doesn’t end once your weight loss surgery is complete and more. My blogs are for people like myself who needs this type of information that can help you. I will refer these blogs the NutriBanded System. I hope you guys will enjoy and send me comments, advises, your experience if you had the surgery, stories, ideas, and more.

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